A View To A Kill: Bond finally meets his match

Girls Do Film


Within the context of feminism, Bond girls represent something of a conundrum. On the one hand, any female character that exists to ‘romance’ the hero and tumble into bed on a whim is clearly anti-feminist but, if the franchise is regarded as a whole, there’s a clear evolution of the ‘girl’ that runs parallel to changing attitudes to gender. Consider that the earliest films pitch Bond as a serial seducer – there’s a direct link between his masculinity and sexual conquest, a bedroom success often marks the tipping point in a storyline. Although functioning as pure objects of pleasure, some of the early Bond girls can be considered to exist outside social norms, many rejecting (and liberated from) traditions such as family and marriage – although of course, they remain a façade, a 2D character that’s written purely to submit to the needs of a male.


In the 1960s –…

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