corsican pie with winter greens & ricotta

table twenty eight

corsican pie with winter greens & ricotta | table twenty eight

Mum visited a good friend last week and came home with armfuls of freshly picked greens from her garden – rocket, kale and silverbeet (sporting leaves the size of small umbrellas).

Instead of defaulting to salad or steaming, I had a small burst of creative mojo and a desire to do something out of the ordinary with this abundance of winter greens, lovingly homegrown and as fresh as they come.

I turned to my cookbooks (rather sadly neglected for some time) in the hunt for a dish to pack in as many nutrient-dense leafy greens as possible (carnivores – stay with me here, I promise the story turns out well).

silverbeet | table twenty eight

It was hardly surprising that the recipe that eventually caught my eye comes from Yotam Ottolenghi, one of my favourite chefs and champion of moving vegetables from side plate to main event.

I’ve tailored his original recipe for…

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