Forewarned is forearmed

A turn for the better

You may think that having chosen the career I chose, I would thrive in an atmosphere of unpredictability. You would be wrong. I love the foreseeable future, planned outcomes and general order. I’ve never minded the volume of work when I’ve been on call, but I’ve often found the unpredictability of emergency admissions unsettling. Perhaps it is the use of treatment algorithms in medicine that attracted me.

What better way to amplify my anxiety than to make my life subject to the whimsies of a tiny, capricious tyrant?

It’s a funny old thing, being put in charge of rearing a tiny human for whom you feel an abiding, aggressive love. On the one hand you want to please them always, to hear the unbridled cackle of their laughter. On the other hand, and this weighs on you heavily, you fear that without proper management you will guide them down a…

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