We’re all made of chemicals

It's Chemistry Time

chemistry time

When I was walking through what should remain an unnamed large shopping centre in East London the other day, I was approached by a lovely lady selling lotions and cosmetics. She asked me if I wanted to try out their new hand lotion. She didn’t need to ask twice: long lab hours wearing different types of gloves don’t make for baby-soft skin. While going through her speech, the sales lady put particular emphasis on the fact that all her products were completely “chemical-free”. I was taken aback: what did that mean? Was she putting the complete and utter void on my hands in front of my very eyes? Because that was the only thing I could imagine in the world that wasn’t made of chemicals, i.e. atoms, molecules, matter of some sort.

all-natural banana Bananananana

A few years back, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) had offered a £1 million bounty for…

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